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A play oven that bakes real treats. Hasbro has sold 18 million of these little cookie factories. The secret ingredient is love!

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What type of screws are used in easy bake overns model#93404

Need to take oven apart to clean after accdent what type of screws are holding the oven to gather. They resemble Allen tyoe but I'm not sure as I can't see them that good.

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If you could take pictures of the screws and upload them that would help us identify them. But the best thing to do would be to buy the ifixit bitset that way you have all of the bits available.

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Ok sounds like yours is the same as ours ... and we did the same thing ... cake rose too high... cake everywhere. I did a google search for the model number you supplied and the majority of the pics coming up look like ours. It's a side pass through load oven.

Anyways back to the original question... it's a torx screen driver bit. But one member suggested getting the driver set that iFixit has... that won't work. I have that driver set and it won't reach down to the screws as the hole is too narrow and deep. Even had a extension that works with their driver set and that is too fat for the hole. Best suggestion is go to the hardware store and bring the oven with you and find the screw driver section and find one that fits.

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I used a regular screw driver with a narrow blade. I put significant pressure on the screw driver, and the screws came out. You will need a screw driver with a shaft at least 6 inches long, and, again, skinny is what you need. Once the screws were out and the repair completed, I cut a slot in each of the screws with a hack saw so a regular screw driver blade would fit correctly, in case I have to take it apart again. The screws are the torx type, probably around a number 10, but my number 10 torx driver didn't have a shaft long enough to reach the screw heads. It's a pain, but the manufacturer is probably concerned about liability if someone gets inside and electrocutes themselves, or burns their house down, so they make it difficult to get inside.


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