Power to my set

My Vizio flat screen will not turn on at all.No picture, no sound, no menu- - nothing. The green power light comes on for about 3 seconds then fades out. We have done troubleshooting through Vizio on line, but they wanted to charge us for a back light. Im could understand if we had sound, but we have zero power.

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Dave Rushlow what model is your vizio? remove the back and take plenty of hi-res images and post those with your question so we can see what you see


This is most likely a problem with the power supply of the tv given the fact that no part of your tv has power. When you are taking photos to post here, make sure to get some pics of the electrolytic capacitors in the power supply because you can often tell if one of the capacitors is blown by looking at it and they are the most common cause for a not working supply.


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