iPhone 4S not charging anymore after display replacment

Hi, i replaced my iphones 4s display assembly (bought from ifixit) but after i reassembled the phone the battery just won't charge tho it shows the charging icon. I tried swapping in another battery but things didn't change since it just looks like it's charging but it will slowly drop %. The phone turns on without the battery connected so i don't think it's a dock connector issue (otherwise it wouldn't have power). i tried to test the voltage on the battery connector while the phone was turned on and it was around 1.2v (i think it's a bit low to charge the battery). What could the issue be? Thank you for your help!

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Hi Luca. This has happened to me once. I disconnected the battery disconnected the charge port connector then plugged all back in making sure that the charge connector is fully seated. The problem I had was it wasn't all the way down. Hope this helps.


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