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A 10-inch tablet co-created by Google and Samsung for the Nexus product line.

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I'm unable to get any parts

Hi I'm unable to get any parts for GH97-14234A at Amazon, PowerMedicBook & eBay.

Can someone help me, please?

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Broaden your search by using the official Samsung GT-P8110 designation. If you are looking for something specific, let us know.


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Are these the right ones?

[[ lien de pièces invalide ]]

or this one

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Hi Jayeff,

Yes, there are the right one. But I had checked this link,Nexus 10 LCD Screen and Digitizer. It is out of stock. The price is more reasonable than other website that I find. Do you have any alternative whereby the price can be reasonable?

I really appreciate your help greatly.



Sorry, everything that I can find relate to new parts and not good used parts as per the link you found, therefore the prices a more and are all generally the same.


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