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GoPro’s seventh generation camera released in late 2012. Capable of recording 1080p30 video, waterproof to 197', and built-in Wi-Fi.

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Gopro hero 3 water damaged in salt water? help?

It may be too late but last afternoon the case cracked and some water got in, I noticed some salt forming from the water evaporating and also noticed it was getting pretty hot. I took out the battery and SD card but the SD card is broken. Now it will not turn on or charge. Again it might be too late but any ideas?

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I had the same issue , please help !


My camera keeps saying no sd card and bippin every 3 seconds, so it doesn't record or connect to my phone.

I try to reset and did not work.

Any ideas anyone?


Try swapping out SC Cards, different brands as well as Size of SD Card, Let say from a 64 to 32 etc. It has work for me, Believe or not they do come bad brand new


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I’m not sure who to thank for the information on water damage for my GO PRO 3, cleaning all the internal parts with Isopropyl Alcohol worked, I was about to replace the mother board, and thank you for the tear down information of GoPro Hero 3 as well. THANK YOU ONCE AGAIN

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