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Why the apple support sad face?

I have these ipods. Not sure if it's they are 5th generation video or the classic 5.5. Non working, so I took them apart to try to fix. How can you tell the difference in them. I've replaced batteries, lcd screens headphone jacks and hard drives. The hard drives all had clicking noise so I got a new 80 gb drive. It says it is only compatible with a 5.5 but it doesn't work in any that I tried. Maybe I need the 60 gb drive. They all have the thick back cover. All I get is the apple sad face on two of them while the computer says the other one is corrupted. Not sure what to do next. Are all parts interchangeable? If not I need to find out what model they are. Could it be the motherboard? Any help would be appreciated.


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1 solution

Sounds like you answered your own question. Seems like the motherboard to me, assuming the parts you used were the same parts for that model. How sure are you that you used the correct parts?

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I just found out what models they are. They're stamped on the motherboard. I have two 5th generation and one 5.5 generation. All parts should be interchangeable except the hard drives. I have heard the hard drives are not interchangeable so I need two 60 gb drives. The one I tried in the 5.5 is an 80 gb so it should have worked but the computer recognized it as an unknown device and said it was corrupted. Any ideas what to do about that? I can't restore it if itunes doesn't recognize it.


Thats about all I know too. Have you tried going into DFU Mode?


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