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First generation of Apple iPad with 3G capabilities. Model Number A1337. Available with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage. Repairs are straightforward and do not require heat.

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only get apple picture on screen /owner says it will not start

I'm working on a iPad 32 GB Model A 1337. my first repair for a friend. i am afraid i will tear down and can't repair.maybe i should take to a shop to help me. any advice.

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Try connecting to iTunes.

Also try resetting by pressing the home and power buttons until the device restarts.

If needed, plug into a computer running itunes and put it into DFU mode. (Home + Power for about 10 seconds, then home button only.) Then you can restore the iPad through iTunes.

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Thank you Jake. I realize this stuff is above my head.


It's not that hard. Basically what I said was try a hard reset or if that doesn't work, put it into dfu mode to restore t completely.

Good luck


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