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Power Book G4 Keeps freezing


I have a power book that I recently replaced the DC board on and now it keeps freezing up, before it would only do it after being on for a little bit now it wont go past the startup. I'm not sure what it could be.

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Sorry for the late response. I bought the system installation disk and ran hardware tests and disk utility to check the hard drive and repair it. Everything passed. I took it apart checked everything and then put it back together. Then ran the tests again everything passed and the computer worked for like 3 hours then the same thing started happening again. I know the battery is bad and when I take it out to run only off the outlet it won’t turn on. I'm starting to think the DC board I bought is faulty. Also the power adapter is an after market one that says it works for apple. I didn't buy it, but the person who gave me the computer did saying that the DC board was bad. I don't want to put more money into it because it's not worth it. I just want to know what is wrong with it I've worked on computers and laptops for 2 years and never had this much of a problem as I've had with this one.


Thank you will try tomorrow and let you know.


I checked everything in the fan setup there and cleaned it. I also, noticed the copper rod underneath has broken loose I am going to borrow a friends solder gun and try to resolder it.


Well I fixed the rod, but now the computer is not working. I hear everything start up, but no chime and the screen doesn't turn on, it stays off. I took it apart twice to check everything and everything seems connected. I'm thinking about breaking it apart and selling the parts that I know are good.


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This does not sound related to the DC- IN port problem. Try starting up from your system installation disk by inserting the disk and holding the "C" key down on start up. Go to the second screen pull down menu and go to Utilities -> Disk Utility and try to repair the hard drive.

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This is staring to sound like a heat problem. Nothing suggests a DC board problem. I'd remove the logic board and clean the heat sink vent ports out and reapply thermal paste.


I think I am going to take it apart one last time then seat everything again. Hopefully it will turn on this time.


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