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Released January 2004. Provides wireless internet for a local area.

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LED Lights "RED & ORANGE" is stable


i have Linksys WAP54g but its not working try to repair the same

LED Lights "RED & ORANGE" is stable i try to reset it but nothing happen

"GREEN" LED no light no activity

please help



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How are you trying to connect, via Ethernet or Wireless?

The red light indicates that power is OK. The orange light indicates that the Ethernet connection is OK. No green means that the Wireless is not turned on.

If you are trying to connect via wireless have you gone into the router's user interface and turned on the wireless?

To access the web-based utility of the Access Point, launch your web browser. In the Address field, enter the Access Point’s default IP address,

The login screen will appear. Leave the User Name field blank. The first time you open the Web-based Utility, use the default password, admin.

Once into the router interface you can set all the parameters necessary to set up your wireless router.

To initially get the green LED to light, you need to go to the Wireless Tab in the Router interface and change the mode option from disabled to mixed.

Here is a link to the User Guide for your router. It will help you to set up your router.

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Let's try these options to fix linksys router orange or red light problem.

1. unplug the router and connect your modem directly to your laptop. now try to access the internet.

If you can't access the internet on laptop. it's a problem from your internet service provider.

2. if you can access the internet via modem, but not from the router. you need to check the connection between router and modem.

3. Try to powercycle your router and modem for once.

4. Disable the DHCP server and configure the router with Static ip connection.

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