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The Samsung Galaxy S4 Active is a rugged version of the Galaxy S4. Currently, it is only on AT&T's 4G LTE network.

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Do I need internet to have the OS version to download?

my droid says no command when rebooting my phone and I need to down load the os version but I tried and 14 hours later its still saying downloading Do not turn off target!!! I don't have my sims card in it so do I need it to get internet to download because when looking online about this it said remove sims and sd card so how is it supposed to work and how long does it take to download? when I went to reboot my phone this is what the droid did. I'm stuck on the at&t globe and it would t power up or I can't get into my phone and what I remember doing was clearing the cache and forced stopped the Google play store but I only did it BC it said to in the options if trying to download a game and it wasn't that my memory's full or WiFi wasn't on so it said online to clear cache and force stop then my phone won't open and stuck. please help.

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If you're phone will not boot up, you can attempt to factory reset by turning your phone off and putting it into recovery mode. This process will remove all personal data from your phone and bring it was turned on for the first time.

If this does not work, I recommend that you try to use Samsung Kies to have it try to recover your phone. If you do not have this installed on your computer, I would recommend downloading it from the link and trying to perform a recovery of your phone back to its factory defaults. This will also remove all personal data from your phone. Your phone may need to be in recovery or download mode for Kies to recognize your phone.

Alternatively, I found this guide on AndroidMods that provides instructions on how you can return your phone back to factory defaults using the software application Odin. Please read through it several times, before attempting to ensure that you understand the process of flashing the firmware for your phone. In this case, all personal data from your device will be removed as well.

The article from AndroidMods mentions needing the correct firmware for your device. The AT&T firmware for the model number SGH-I537 is available from Samsung Updates. The link in the article was dead and I wanted to provide you with the correct link for your model.

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