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The ProScan PLT7223G Tablet, manufactured by Curtis International, is a basic Wi-Fi enabled tablet that is intended for personal or professional use.

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Why won't my ProScan Tablet turn on?

Whenever I go and press my power button the ProScan tablet still won't turn on.

-I have charged the tablet numerous times and it still won't turn on.

-I have attempted to do a factory reset but the screen won't turn blue and the options menu doesn't pop up.

Please let me know if it can be a problem with the motherboard or the battery it self.

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The problem is that it is a proscan and they are junk. spend a bit more money and get something good.


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According to your description, there are several possibility to caused your device cannot turn on. First, try to find similar charger and charge the device again. The charge may faulty. Next, if the charging cord works, you may have a faulty battery. If the problem still there, it may because a broken motherboard. And you to use guide to replace it. For more information to solve the device wont't turn on problems, please check ProScan Will Not Turn On

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Mine comes on says proscan looks good and then start to blink and flash what could be the problem


Mine is doing that too.


Mine 3 any answers


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