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The ProScan PLT7223G Tablet, manufactured by Curtis International, is a basic Wi-Fi enabled tablet that is intended for personal or professional use.

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Why won't my tablet charge?

-I have tried plugging in my charger with the tablet to several outlets in my home but it still won't charge.

-I have tried replacing my charging cable and wall adapter but that doesn't seem to be the issue.

-I have attempted the factory reset but that didn't help.

I was wondering if it could be an issue with the charging port or the battery itself. Any Ideas?

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My tablet with not hold a charge. Charger gets warm after few minutes


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The problems may caused by a broken charger, dirty charging port or faulty charging port. To fix the problem, check the troubleshooting page for not charge part.Proscan Will Not Charge

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Hard to say exactly what it is, without looking at it, but my iPhone had the same issue and it was differently the charging port. I had to have it at a specific angle to catch the charge. It would seem to be an issue with the port, where a battery would slowly hold less and less of a charge before not holding any charge.

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Your iPhone had to be used in a Angeles

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