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Il s'agit d'une visseuse sans fil, avec batterie Lithium-Ion 4V rechargeable.

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Why will my screwdriver not charge when plugged in?

My rechargeable screwdriver will not charge when it is placed in the charging bay. The LED light is not on.

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Hi Mark,

First, you should check that the charging bay is plugged into a working outlet. If so, inspect the charging contacts located in the charging bay near where the rear of the screwdriver sits. Be sure there is nothing blocking these contacts from making full contact with the contacts on the screwdriver (i.e. dirt, debris etc.). Also, if the contacts inside of the charging bay are jammed, bent or damaged in any way, this will affect the charging capabilities of the charging bay. Consult the device repair guide for steps on disassembly of the charging bay for repair and/or replacement of the charging bay contacts if damaged. If the contacts of the charging bay are making full contact with the contacts on the screwdriver, consider replacing the screwdriver's battery. Steps for replacing the screwdriver's battery can be found in the device repair manual.

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Did You ever solve this problem was it the batteries


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