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Il s'agit d'une visseuse sans fil, avec batterie Lithium-Ion 4V rechargeable.

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Why will the screwdriver not turn when I pull the trigger?

The screwdriver will not turn when I pull the trigger. The work area LED is coming on.

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Hi Mark,

According to your description, the work area LED light is coming on when pulling the trigger. In result, this indicates that the screwdriver battery has not yet been depleted. First, remove any load from the screwdriver (if any) and test for rotation again. If the screwdriver rotates after removing the load, it is possible that you are over-torqueing the screwdriver; select another torque setting by rotating the torque selector located just behind the bit socket. If the screwdriver does NOT turn after removing the load to the screwdriver and pulling the trigger, consider opening the device and inspecting the brushes for the electric motor internally. Consult the device repair manual for detailed instructions on inspection and replacement of the brushes.

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