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Released in 2010, the HP Deskjet 1055 is an all-in-one printer, scanner, and copier.

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Paper feed malfunctions, does not take in paper

When try to print, the paper will not go into the copier

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I have this issue too, jams on side


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It looks like the belt for the rollers that feed the paper is broken. Does it make any noise when it tries to pick up the paper.

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sound seems normal I think


How do I get into it to fix such a problem. Someone pulled paper out of the feeder on top (back) and seems to have disturbed something. Forrest


There is a sensor or engaged button to let the printer know the top is closed bypass that sensor/button and have the printer top open and start to look at the rollers and watch for anything that looks abnormal. Also if you wanted to open it complete start to look for screws and tabs to pull the casing and frame apart.


Do not use alcohol to clean the feed tires, soap is the best (409) soap will not dry up your feed tires..


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