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Annoncé en mars 2015, puis commercialisé le 10 avril 2015, le Galaxy S6 est le prochain flagship de la série Galaxy. La version avec un écran incurvé est connue en tant que Galaxy S6 Edge.

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My Phone Restarts within 30 sec of turning it on.

my phone is restarting every 30 sec or so, i need to factory reset it to see if that would help. but before i do that i need to get all the pictures off the device.

any suggestions?

sadly 30 sec isn't enough to download all the pictures :/

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Does the phone get into the main menu at least?

Can you boot into safe mode? Hold the power button until the power options appear, then hold the "power off" icon for a few seconds until a reboot into safe mode option appears.

Did you ever connect a google account to the phone?

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I have seen this on several s6 g920v (verizon) and g920p (sprint). In my experience update or reflash stock rom using odin does not solve the problem. In my case, several, but not all were after water damage.

first step is to boot into recovery and try clear cache partition, that will not delete your photos, and may do the trick.

You could try downloading the stock rom (make sure you get the same version you are on currently such as og7 ok9 etc)

extracting the files from the md5, and using tar-Tool_Odin3-v3.07_by_mkh.mourad to make just the boot.img file into a flashable .md5 file, and flashing that under the bl tab using the newest version of odin. I

I believe it is most likely a hardware problem, Any input greatly appreciated on where to check on the motherboard for physical damage that would cause to s6 to boot loop would be greatly appreciated

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