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The Sony Handycam HDR-CX380 was released January 2013 and is identified by the model name HDR-CX380, HDR-CX380/B, HDRCX380, HDRCX380/B, or HDRCX380BBDL.

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Why won’t my camera turn on?

Even though I tried plugging the camera in for a few hours to charge it, it still won't turn on despite that the LED indicator shows that it is charging.

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This points to a problem with either the battery, the connection the battery has with the camera, and/or the battery charger itself.

Safety first, unplug the camera. Second just remove the battery (there is a slider that needs to be moved to remove the battery), and remove any lint or other material that may have been between the battery and the camera. If something had gotten between any metal connection points between the battery and the camera, then that could prevent the battery from charging while actually lighting up the LED indicator. Next reattach the battery. then plug the camera back in to try to charge the battery again for another 15 minutes. 15 minutes won't charge the battery to full, but it will give a good battery enough of a charge to turn on the camera. If after a 15 minute charging cycle the camera won't turn on, then the battery needs to be replaced. This camera uses an InfoLithium (R) battery, so use an appropriate replacement. You can find more information on the troubleshooting page.

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I had the same problem, and buying a new battery had no effect in allowing the camera to activate.


I had the same problem. No power after trying 2 new batteries. Any Ideas???


Same problem. New (genuine Sony branded) battery charged from 30% to 100%, but still won’t operate on battery alone.

Same problem with HDR-SR11.


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Hi i have a Sony Hi8 camera , with a battery and charger unit , the charger unit come with a battery adapter < like a dummy battery that can be plugged in to the camera for long periods of use ,,i measured the out put dc voltage of the chager unit aprox 7,8 volts DC , but no matter what i do the camera does not want to start up ,no indicator lights absolutly dead ???????

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