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The Keurig Mini B-31 is a compact single cup hot beverage brewer that uses Keurig's K-cup dispensing system.

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Help I have freaking ANTS in my Keurig!

This morning, I put the water in to make my coffe and there are about 30 ants squirming around the lid and in the reservoir. What the heck, how the heck, why the heck? And how the heck do I fix this?!??!?!?!?!

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Why mini has them too. It is now sitting on my lanai......going to get a new one or try to de-scale this one. Not sure......


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submerge in 99% isopropyl for 1 hour, then let dry for 24 hours. should fix your issue fine.

to keep ants from coming to it, clean every night before bed

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