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Sticky/Stuck joystick on my Wavebird

I have a Wavebird controller, and the joystick sticks in place when moved up and down. I have tried Electrosol cleaner in order to attempt to remove any contaminants, but it has not improved. Are there any other options besides soldering a new stick on?

Block Image

Block Image

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Potentially it might need the whole joystick replaced. Inside of the controller there is a little box with moving parts inside (its how it works), and the parts can break over time. Especially with how old the wavebird is, you might want to try to find someone who could replace it for you.

and by replace I mean someone would need to take the controller apart, desolder the old analog stick, and solder a new one on.

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Yeah, that's my worry. I've taken it apart and checked the little box. There seems to be some kind of residue on the exposed plastic parts on the side.

I got it second hand, the seller didn't seem to test it before hand. Hoped to fix it and avoid losing out on the purchase. Might be out of luck.


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