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The Nexus One (also known as the HTC Passion and Android Dev Phone 3) is a smartphone from Google (manufactured by HTC) that runs the Android operating system.

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I broke the camera what can I do?

I broke the lcd screen and the camera. I had no problem finding replacement part for the lcd screen but the camera lens is broken.


Here is the picture:

Block Image

The lens does not seem to be broken but the protective glass is.

Thanks for helping.

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Can you post a picture of how it's broken?


And how long ago did you purchase it?


I won it with Google during the developper giveaway. So I cannot exchange it.


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Take out the damaged cover

and hand fashion a replacement cover from some thin clear Lexan. If you have no local source you can use some from small car models, or from some clear heavy gauge plastic container. Or KISS-from the inside stretch & glue some handi-wrap over the hole.

You want to keep the optic of the camera from getting scratched.

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Good Luck,


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This is for the camera

it seems the camera can be replaced, but where u can get the replacement part of the camera...

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