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original Apple iPod 160 gb charging port broke

A small broken thin piece of the charging port came out plus a couple of wires in the port are bent our repair shops do not work on the 1st gen iPods could that broken port be replaced with another one

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annmemery I am not sure which iPod you really have. It sounds like a iPod Classic but you referred to it as a "1st gen iPod" which would be a totally different beast.

From your description it sounds like you will have to replace the dock connector. As you probably already know it is soldered to the logic board. You will need to unsolder the old one and resolder a new one. Better have good tools, a steady hand and a good magnifying source for that repair. Here is a great video about the repair and the part is available at places like this and many others.

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Hello, my ipod 7th generation almost doesnt charge. I have to press it to force it to charge and it doesnt last really much. I cleant the port dock from dust but those gold prongs look a bit damaged or erased. Plus the ones of the usb are a bit dirty and can't remove it. Could that be the problem?


@sebaalco yes that absolutely could be an issue. Problem with that is that the dock connector is soldered to the board. So in order to replace it you will have to perform so micro-soldering. Depending where you reside you could contact some of the many microsoldering specialist on here like @refectio or @teetopp and see if they can help you out.


I wonder if it might be best to replace the iPod docking station. I'm all in for DIYing but from my reading it doesn't appear to be the best anchor system since it's quite common. At the end of the day guess it'd be worth trying but too, in the event that it's possibly the Bluetooth piece I bought that charges on the iPod, it'll be outside the return window.

I see the component is fairly inexpensive but I've also seen can cost as much as $40 . In this case it would make better sense to purchase another dock. I have to say that the quality of the sound for this Bose dock is awesome. Thanks for sharing this info..


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