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Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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When I connect my passport it takes long time to show up

When i connect my passport to my computer it takes long time to show up but when it does it will ask me for my password when i enter my password it say's i can now access my files but at this point i am unable to open the drive. is there anyway I can recover my data?

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I am facing same problem with my new WD passport series. I can able to see Toshiba Hardisk in next sec it is connected. I think WD passports have problem.


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I'm not an expert, but try a different usb cable and see if that improves the speed. Sometimes it's the simplest things that give the most logical solutions. Other than that, these stupid external hard drives are typically soldered in a format that can only be accessed by usb. You'd think that once you open up these units, you would see a bare hard drive and an SATA to USB Adapter but unfortunately they screw you and allow you no way to access it via SATA.

I don't understand that you said you can access your files but then you can't.. You might want to try downloading a hdd checking tool like HDtune or something and see if your hdd is malfunctioning.

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External hard drives used to just be a standard 2.5" internal drive connected to a USB SATA controller about 10 years ago. In fact you could even RMA the internal drive separately from the external enclosure in some cases. Now the drives they use are such a large capacity (typically) that they have a proprietary platter configuration and no longer conform to the thickest of 2.5" internal drive form factor. Therefore it must just be easier to manufacture the whole thing, USB controller and all as one unit.



Hi Esiri,

You are more likely to get help if you post this as a new question rather than as a Comment in a post from 2016!


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