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The third-generation HTC One smartphone which was first released in March 2015. Its major revisions on the M8 design include the octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor and a 20-megapixel rear camera.

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How do I remove a stripped screw accidentally glued to the body?

Hi, I was trying to open up my One M9 but ran across a stripped screw on the top. I've opened the device up before but this time the screw didn't want to give way. I tried using rubber bands, and superglue however neither worked. I think some glue may have gotten on the sides of the screw.

Is there an easy solution to get it out? The screw *was* a torx screw, now it's partly rounded out after much frustration. Could heating up the screw melt the glue enough to the point that I could use iFixit's Screw Extraction set to get it out?

Thank you!

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I think it would be dangerous trying to heat the super glue. I would try using a flat head screwdriver to turn it, and another, or some pry tool, to gently pry it out as you turn

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Hey iMedic! Thanks for your quick reply. After trying out the flat head it seemed like the downward pressure deepened the hole allowing a slightly larger torx driver to catch the threads. I got it out eventually!

Thank you again :).


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