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Netbook released 2011. Powered by Windows 7 Starter. Identified by model number 1018P-PU17-BK.

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Why is my laptop not getting started?

My laptop is not getting started. I plugged the charger but too it is not responding. The charger is showing a blue light which means it is receiving Current. But too my laptop is not getting started.... What should i do?

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Test your charger with a multi meter to ensure there is actually power lights can be wrong . If it tests out ok check the power port on the computer to see if its loose or damaged in any way .open the laptop and check to see if your getting power through the port .If you have access to another power supply try that If you have the means to recharge the battery outside the computer charge the battery and see if it will actually run the computer. It may not be a power problem that's keeping your laptop from working . Hope this helps

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