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The Samsung Galaxy S II is a smartphone designed, developed, and marketed by Samsung Electronics with Android 2.3 "Gingerbread."

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yellow triangle and thermometer

sometimes while trying to charge my s2, a yellow triangle appears and along side it is a red thermometer. why is this happening

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maggiewhiteley this can be caused by a bad battery or bad USB board. Replace those and see if that fixes the issue. Use these guides to work on your phone.

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i took my note 10 to a cell phone repair store named CPR in zionsville,IN to have the screen fixed and after paying 500.00 dollars for the repair the phone all of a sudden has this triangle w/thermometer in the middle and vibrates when plugged into the charger.I take it back to them and they do a diagnosis. and put a new battery and wireless charging chip then tell me they had no luck fixing it to no avail and ask if i wanted to just go ahead and have them recycle the phone. what should i do now. all together around 1700.00 dollars


First off you need to get your money back for the screen repair which originally caused the thermostat issue. Were you charged for the diagnostics and new battery and charging chip ? I f so you need to also have that money reimbursed to you. Once that has happened you should take all that money and go buy a new phone. And do not recycle your old ohone with with these scummy business owners. They will just get even more out of you buy you doing this. Then id not only never go back to that repair shop, I would also make sure everyone i knew didn't either.


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