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Why is my horn going off when I recon ve my battery?

I have an 2002 Honda Accord and recently it was dead for a few months til I charged the battery once I put the battery back I connected the positive and then right when I connected the negative the horn started going off does it have an alarm? How can I stop it from doing that? Or what's up? And also my radio says "code" I have the code but idk how to put the number "0" help! And can I disconnect the alarm if there is one?

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My Durango will do this if you unlock the door using the actual key instead of the keyless. While the horn is going off get in and start the car, that should get it to recognize any chip in the key and turn the alarm back off. For the radio, the code should be a 5 digit number 1-6 if I remember correctly, only the serial number for the radio should have 0's in it.

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