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Tv shutting off without warning

My Samsung dlp tv is shutting off without warning. Not all the time and not when I first start it. I have changed lamp,large fan and color wheel with oem parts. Worked fine for a month then started failing again. Any idea's

Update (05/01/2016)

The tv shuts off completely and the light blinks for a few moments then it can be turned back on. And usually fails again. It was suggested that I reset the bulb. I did that and the tv didn't turn off for two days. Then it failed again today. Should I still check the boards how do I find out which board is the sms board

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@jdecasp "the light blinks for a few moments" any pattern to that? Have you counted the blinks? Images always help (DMD board;-) looks like this one


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@jdecasp when you say it turns off you did not tell us if it totally shuts down or if it is a screen issue. It is also important to know if you can turn it on again right way or if you have to wait for it. It does sound like a power board issue (bad caps etc.) but could also be caused by a failing ballast or a bad DMD board. Take a look at the boards and let us know what you find. You should also consider posting images of your boards with your original question. For that use this guide

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Thr tv just shut off. Both the red and green lights blinked 5 times.


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Check your fans the fan under my lamp was not turning replaced it and have not had problems

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