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Une enceinte Bluetooth portable fabriquée par Ultimate Ears.

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Why is my speaker taking 24 hrs to full charge?

I had my speaker and charger in my lunch bag...a bottle of milk spilled on the power adapter and shorted it and is no longer working.... When I charge my speaker without the original power takes 10 times longer to fully charge....why?

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Check the wattage of original charger. Just because it fits doesn't mean it will work correctly. For example some old iPhone usb adapters are only 5 watt. Or half an amp. Most likely you need a 2 charger for your tablet. Most larger phones even take 2amp now.

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Actually, the UE Megaboom requires even more power.

It follows (USB Power Delivery) specification (even if it doesn't use a USB 3 or USB-C connector).

If you look closely, in addition to the standard 5V 2A (10W) used by most tablet, the charger is also rated for 9V 2A and 12V 1.5A (18W, the later even able to word with thinner cables).

To charge fast the UE Megaboom, standard puny 10W tablet chargers aren't enough.

You should look for 20+ W chargers used for latest generation tablet computers/transformers and for laptops/ultra-books that charge over USB-C.

(You either need the charger to have a USB-A connector on the charger itself instead of a soldered cable or you need a USB-C to microUSB adapter).


do you know this for sure? cause there also exists quickcharge specification which has similar voltages but isn't compatible with usbpd.


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Usually the power adapter you are using has a low wattage. A 10.5 W connection (2.1A) may seem too low. A 15.5 W connection (3.1A) may be more helpful and upgrading to an 18 W (3.6 A) or 20 W (4A) connection may help with charging speed.

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It takes so long because the original charger is a very high-power charger. It's much more powerful than any other charger you're likely to have or find.

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