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Why does speaker lose Bluetooth connection after playing for a while

My Bose Soundlink 3 speaker's Bluetooth connection cuts out after playing for a long while when it is powered by the AC adapter and fully charged. Sometimes the tablet or phone is still Bluetooth connected or loses its connection after the sound stops.

The remedy is to usually reset the Bluetooth list or do a complete reset and reconnect or pair the speaker again.

Can this be fixed? Is there any software update available to fix the Bluetooth issues?

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Hi Lloyd,

Could be a few things. Does the speaker cut out when it is connected to any device, or just the one you usually use it with? If you only use the one device, try another and report back.

Also, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (either 2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) can interfere with each other.

How close is either device (Bose speaker or sending device - your phone?) to your Wi-Fi router, or access point(s)?

If they are in close proximity, try moving them away.

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