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More space in hard drive

Need to clean my hard drive for more space, best solution please?

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Perfect!!!! Thank you much for your support and friendly advice, we'll follow through and keep you posted.

Thanks again,


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Your computer is over 2 years old. Hard drives typically last 3-5 years, laptops drives usually at the lower end of the scale. You may be well served to consider a hard drive upgrade because of your drive's likely age, and the fact that you need more space anyway.

Take a look at the answers in the link bac gave you.

ifixit's offerings for hard drives are here:

And the instructions are here:

Remplacement du disque dur des MacBook Pro 15" Core 2 Duo, modèles A1226 et A1260

Make sure that your MacBook Pro is actually the correct model for those instructions.

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take a look at the answer to this similar question - the software I mentioned (GrandPerspective) may help

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