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Un smartphone Android produit par Huawei et mis sur le marché en avril 2015.

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How do I turn off my divice?

My Huawei p8 has water damage at the lcd/touchscreen.

I want to know, how do i turn it off for demolition without the use of the screen ?

or doesn't matter ?

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press about 10 sec the power button , the phone will shut down

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I think the device is rebooting after holding the power button for 10 seconds....


Please press and hold POWER button until HUAWEI P8 turn off by itself, wait until this phone totally off, then press POWER button again to turn on this phone. This process will not remote any important data, so we can do this process anytime we want, especially when we get problems with our phone. When HUAWEI P8 still running normally, to soft reset or shutdown or reboot, then press and hold POWER button until pop-up menu appear, then choose Shutdown / Power off / Reboot.


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