Does not power on. How to check if it's the motherboard?

Hi, all,

My friend's MacBook Pro a1297 (from 2009) does not power on. Is there a way to check whether the motherboard is fried or it's just the DC-in board?

Generally, is there a way to check (at home) if the motherboard is working?

Edit: It seems the battery is not working, because the green LEDs flash five times when the battery check button is pressed. The laptop does not start even with the battery disconnected.


Update (06/04/2016)

Even with the original mag-safe, the LED of the charger stays green. All battery testing LEDs flash five times.

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What is the mag-safe adapter light doing? When you press the battery test button how many of the lights are flashing? Have you changed anything. Did this happen all of a sudden or did it start to fail any other way?


Hi, Mayer, thanks for replying. The mag-safe adapter light is green and it doesn't change to amber. At first when I connected the adapter, when pressing the test button, only one light was flashing five times. After a couple of hours connected to the charger, when pressing the test button, all five lights are flashing five times. Perhaps it's important to note that the adapter is not original. I checked the voltage and it gives 18.5 volts, so it should be OK. Tomorrow I'll have an original mag-safe and I'll be able to try with it.


I really want to check your exact model, could you please go here and enter your serial number:


Thanks, Mayer, it's Early 2009

MacBook Pro "Core 2 Duo" 2.66 17" (Unibody) 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo (T9550) - s.n. W89084SQ2QP


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