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The Acer Iconia Tab W500 is a Windows 7 tablet that has a 10-inch touchscreen and its own keyboard dock.

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Why wont it boot and some pf the keys wont work

The keyboard gpt wet but i opened it up and sprayedit down with rubbing alcohol and patted it dry as much as possible lightly. It came on and worked fine for a few days then while i was using it one day it just started blinking from one app to another. Like mabe it had a virus. When i finaly got it to go to setting and tryed to do a resset it just went blank it will pull up the acer logo like usual but then just blinks once and goes blank again.

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Most likely you'll have to replace your keyboard.

The danger of water lies mostly in dissolving of contacts, snd shorting them between each other. This may be the case, and it is too costly to redo all the wiring.

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