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Designed to provide professional results in a compact package, the J1 comes in a variety of colors and lens attachments.

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My lens is blacking out

The lens is blacking out.

When I turn on my camera the screen blacks out and won't take a picture but will still show the box (it turns red so it doesn't focus). It seems as if the lens thinks it is seeing pure darkness and there is nothing to focus on.

And when I tried to take photo outside, it will work, (outdoor) but if I take pictures inside (indoor, must say no lights at all) it wont work.

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when I turn on my camera it is black. But if I face it to the tv I can see it on the screen?


I have same problem . In my camera does not open diaphragm in the lens . I think here is electrical defect in body of camera .


, I have j4, when attaching my Nikon 1 10=100 lense there is no picture, its blank,, but when I attach the 10-30- zoom lense or the 30-110 lense every thing works fine, any advice will be amazing.

THE 10-100 is a Manual lense, assuming the lense is the issue, but its virtually brand new, have tried re attaching the lense , same issue, please advise

thanks in advance


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nikon issued a recall, I just found this yesterday after not using my camera for years

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