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Annoncé en juillet 2015, voici le téléphone phare de Motorola. Il est doté d'une caméra de 21 mégapixels, d'un écran PS TFT LCD Quad HD de 5,7 pouces avec une résolution de 1440 sur 2560 pixels. Numéros de modèle : XT1570, XT1579, XT1575 and XT1578.

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Screw Size; Where to Buy?

I need 20 replacement screws for the backplate to reassemble phone after swapping out screen. Does anyone know the size of these screws and where I can purchase?

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same here. Can't find the screw size anywhere.


Same problem here, I need 17 replacement screws for a Moto X Play XT1562. Does anyone have an idea where I can get some ? (I already tried Ebay and Aliexpress)


Same problema here


I found the clue for my phone (Moto X Play XT1562). The screws used in my phone are can be found on ebay and aliexpress under the following mention : "M1.4" as diameter and "3 mm" (millimeters) long. Being torx or philips head doesn't matter.

I invite you to measure your screws with a precision tool :

Mines are 1.36 mm diameter (giving the M1.4) and 3.6mm long with head (so 3mm is a good enough estimation for the length of the screw thread.)


XT1575 screws are "wafer" head M1.4. They have a 2.7mm dia head and a tiny .35mm cone below the head and then 1.5mm of 0.3 mm pitch thread, for a total depth of 1.85mm. The slot is Torx T3, though I'd be happy with anything. I haven't found replacements by spec, hence it's $30 for "XT1575 screw set" on ebay.


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Solution retenue

I have contacted a parts supplier:

Will have to wait for response from them. Hopefully here.



Since we are no longer an authorized motorola repair center, we do not carry screws and are not aware of the size. We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank you for choosing Cellphone-Repair-Shop

Customer Support

Mon-Fri: 9AM-5PM PST

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How is this an answer and how is this helpful?


Aaron Please give us a better one. At least I tried rather than just criticizing.


Yeah, I'm with you on that. So far, I've taken my device apart to extract one screw and measured it with calipers and posted those measurements. I've also found a supplier of something close and ordered them. If those work i will post that link. For now I've mentioned overpriced screw sets available on ebay. My valid criticism is that your post is listed as an answer but provides no information.


Arron Sometimes you can't find an answer but at least the person who asked it knows someone cared enough and put out some effort to look rather than just ignore them. On this one, it came in two parts. I had to wait a few days to get a reply from the major supplier.


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Hey all. I used this set of screws successfully on my Moto x pure. Not a torx head, but the thread pitch, size and length is right.

Mcsher 300pcs M1.4 Series Cell Phone Screws Set for Android Smartphone, Phillips Wafer Head, Black Zinc, 6 Size, with Screw Driver

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That's really good to know Rog. The smallest size in that kit is 2mm, and I was concerned that was too long after measuring the ones from my XT1575.


Rest assured my friend. Lol. Yeah. I just took a leap of faith on that kit. It's good. You can also grind down the length with a Dremel if necessary. I also like that it's Phillips head. I personally don't strip those as much as torx.


Hi Rog, so it’s okay to use the smallest one in the kit on the XT1575?


It's been a while, but I believe I used the second to the shortest. The ones I used was a 1-2 mm longer than the ones in the phone.


Please who knows the exact size of moto x 2nd generation xt1097


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The actual size of the Moto X Pure screw (20pcs) is 1.35mm(Diameter of the screw) x 2.41mm (total length) x 2.65mm (Dia of the head). I used slide calipers to measure it.

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