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This is a Vinotemp VT-12TEDi thermoelectric 12-bottle wine cooler by iCellar.

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Vinotemp does not cool and smells like burning

My Vinotemp 18-TEDS lights up in the front but is was no longer cooling and there was a light burning smell coming from it. So I unplugged it and I've been troubleshooting it today. When i have it plugged in the red/green lights flicker a bit and I hear a very faint "hum" I have also turned it off and removed motherboard and looked at all the capacitors and I don't see any leaks and perforated tops or side breaks (I suppose I could be wrong it is hard to see everything perfectly) I reattached the motherboard and now I plan to check the fan unit. Any idea if the fact that the lights are flickering means the motherboard is still good? I don't want to buy a new one since I just found out they are about $75 so it would be a waste. The fan unit is a bit cheaper but there is a cold and hot fan part listed on the Vinotemp sale site which is confusing. Please help if you can deduce anything from what i've written here and thanks for the informative photos and instructions! Sara

Update (06/29/2016)

HERE are the three images of my motherboard capacitors again - they aren't uploading via the comment section...

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image


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Thanks for responding so quickly Jeff! I have looked over every large and tiny capacitor. Nothing seems to stand out. I have included photos so you can see what i mean. What I DID see was the large aluminum looking rectangular boards that stand upright all had a tiny bit of white froth on them right around where they connect to the panels that hold them to the motherboard. I used a qu-tip to clean them but aside from that I don't know how to remove them and do a full clean under the small, screwed-in attachment panel. ALSO the inducer coil (the largest, round one) has a lot of white glue substance holding it down. It's a rubber solid-glue type substance so that was prob put there on purpose to hold the coil in place right? Otherwise I can try to pull it off but I doubt it's an issue. So aside from that I thought I'd take a last chance and show you these photos and see if I have missed something staring me in the face. Thanks again! You are awesome! Sara [image|860939][image|860937][image|860938]


Well, I'm out of easy ideas. From here, measure every component with a multimeter to try to find the offending bit. I generally start at the power source on the board and move outward. Here's a basic guide to multimeter use: Comment utiliser un multimètre

Capacitors have their rating written on the side. Resistors have colored bands that indicate their rating. It'll be a bit of a time consuming project, but you'll learn a lot! Good luck.


Argh. I think I'm using it as a wine bottle 'holder' for now and heading to the appliance outlet soon to just buy a big/better one. Thanks for the help! Want a used, not currently working wine cooler really cheap? ; )


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Look for any signs of damage: discoloration on the board, burn marks, anything out of the ordinary. The flickering lights and bad smell makes me think you have faulty/leaking capacitors. If a close inspection of the board doesn't help, I think you should just go ahead and replace the capacitors. Hopefully that works for you!

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