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Released 2016, January, identified by model number K430T. The type of display is IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and a 13-megapixel camera.

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Screen replacement videos/tutoria for LG K10

Hello, I have a LG K10 coming in for a screen repair and I'm wondering if anyone has a tear-down video or tutorial yet?? I have looked on YouTube and google but am unable to find anything. I'm sure i will be ok figuring it out as I go however it's nice to know if there is anything special you need to look out for in the process. Thank for any help it is appreciated.

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Can't find a place that replaces them either....


I cannot find a screen replacement for my lg 10k with the lcd and digitizer. Im not sure if i need a lcd and digitizer. Can anyone help?


Christy you can get them on ebay, here is the link:


I just brought the digitice screen on ebay hook it up but can't get the screen to stay on, when I took the old one out like there where some kind of glue to hold it anyone no?


It's a lg k10 from metro pcs


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Great video total tear down

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Thank you very much Jim I appreciate the link, I don't speak Spanish lol but still very helpful to see. I thought this was going to be a impossible dud question!!!


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I wont replace scren it costs more 50 euro complete cost 250 euro. This is not my folt that lg makes $@$* phones

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