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Similar in many ways to HTC's flagship One M8 but lacking a dual camera system, the E8 smartphone features a plastic body and a 5-inch Super LCD3 display. Released June 2014.

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Why isnt my camrea turning on anymore?

Every time i try to open my camrea app it says camrea stopped unexpectedly..Or when i try to use my camrea through another app it says "failed to connect to camrea service please help i need my camrea to work thx

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I have this same problem how can I get it to work??


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hello there, this happens a few times to android users. Dont worry all you have to do is try to restart your phone or turn off your phone for a while (turning off is recommended) . After this you see that your phone's camera will work again. This is sometimes caused by old phone or too many running app using camera's services so it began to crash. Hopefully this would help.

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The solution did not work I've tried it over one over the same thing


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