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Can I actually fix and upgrade my post G5 (2007) Mac Pro?

My specific model link with specifications above:

It is already upgraded with an 128GB SSD for the operating system, 2*(2*4GB) RAM on one of the 2 four slot DIMM trays as well as an ATI RADEON HD 5570 graphics card.

My computer is currently down because final cut pro X, logic and aperature used all of my remaining other (yellow bar of death) disk space in the background and thus I am now unable to load the OS and power my monitor.

I am thinking about having these components added to my build in the hopes to upgrade and fix my beloved film studio desktop without making a complete mess of it as well wasting all the money required for the build, hence why I ask? The shopping list:

1.) Fix, replace or get shop assistant to sort out the display

2.) Install samsung 850 evo SSD in 1 or 2 TB editions for the OS

3.) Add another 16GB of ram to the other DIMM = 32gb ram total

4.) Add another ATI RADEON HD 5770 to the PCI EXPRESS board to hopefully improve final cut pros graphic manipulation tools.

5.) Add 2 quad core 3.0 and perhaps higher intel xeon processors

In closing, I simply want to max tune and optimize this desktop to run final cut pro flawlessly and effortlessly without overstretching its limits/boundaries to the point that it doesnt work. Any tips, pointers, knowlege and experience shared is much appreciated and thank you for your time.

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Lots of questions here. First look at the hard drive. The expense of a 1 or 2 TB SSD is hefty.

You have two hard drive bays. Think about a 1 or 2 TB SSHD.

A second video card is not going to help unless you are running dual monitors. Compare yours here:

I have generally found that the most of the time upgrading processors on these is prohibitive over just going to a better machine. A 2009 2x 2.93 is a screaming machine to this day and economically feasible.

I'm running one with a 256 SSD and three big drives, 12 gigs of RAM.

Go to Everyman,com and compare the bench marks before spending a lot of money that you will not be able to recover if you sell it.

My machine benches at three time the speed of your in its stock state.

A 2013 Quad Core Mac Pro benches at less than mine. It takes a six core to catch me. And that costs $4000.

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Funnily enough I was just looking at buying another machine with a better processor. I researched SSHD as per your recommendation, the only concern is the 8GB SSD cache that takes time to warm up. Final cut pro x, logic & aperature unfortunately uses far more than that while idle or switched off on the current SSD, approx 50-70GB of that yellow other bar. A 256SSD is a great safe move for the short term and maybe the medium term if that yellow bar behaves and doesnt go too far beyond 100GB, strongly considering that now. Currently have 3 other HDD's from which the OS currently services so they're good. So with the video card you cannot double them up to Improve graphic design, modeling and 3d construction speed and stability? Is it only for additional monitors then essentially? Because, I heard you can double up but suffer a drop of 8x if not optimised, feel free to correct me on this. A fast processor, great graphics card, 32GB ram minimum and a reasonable SSD or SSHD all working in harmony is the goal.


I do have Adobe Master Suite 6CS installed on the 256 drive and have had no problems running anything. Of course the SSD handles the OS, Safari and my mail with no problem,. But I rarely ever reboot my machine. The SSHD have been great on laptops that do reboot a lot. And I do have two 2 TB ones in my machine but the Flash part of the drives is really not utilized. The first thing that goes on a 2006-2012 Mac Pro is the video card. That's where I' put my money on your machine and take out a Square Trade warranty. The RAM is much cheaper on the newer machines and does not require the heat sinks like the older ones.You can drop a RAID card very cheaply now for backup.USB 3 PCI cards. I have yet to have a failure on this models video card and it is backward compatible to the 2008 (I also have one in my 2008. The 2009 is wider and uses longer hard drive trays. But you can use older ones by just using two screws. OWC makes the longer tray for your 2.5" SSD drives. Also this machine runs in 64 bit mode. I don't look to upgrade it until some major CPU advancements come along as it really has all the speed I need.

I'll reboot now and let you know how fast it come up to my log in so you can compare.

31 seconds. Driving a 27" Viewsonic, USB Bose speakers, a big color laser printer, additional scanner, old Firewire 400 iSight Camera and iPad stand. Running 10.11.5.


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