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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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My MacBook can't hibernate when I close the screen

When I close the screen, the computer seems to hibernate but after few seconds it tries to restart and so on, at the end he get very hot.

I've been told that it could come from the screen connector. Any idea for me, please?

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1 solution


I've seen this several times, twice in burned up computers. In my experience this is caused by software waking up the computer after it's gone to "sleep", usually in a zipped up laptop bag where it can't ventilate. You can probably work it out by trial and error.

Do you have a bluetooth mouse? If you put away your computer then stick the mouse in your bag without turning it off, when the laser reads a shift in the bag material it'll wake up your computer even though the lid is closed. Watch the white glowy light and listen for the computer drive / fan to come on.

Another thing that can cause your computer to wake up is other programs trying to do something then not letting the computer go back to sleep. If it's not the mouse, close every program you have open (no dot under the icon in the dock) and see if the computer wakes up. If it doesn't, open your usual stuff one by one until you get the one that's doing it.

I'd really look at hardware as a last resort, and keep a very close eye on your laptop's temp while it's stored in the meantime so it doesn't suicide.

Good luck!

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