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Repair and disassembly guides for Magellan GPS devices.

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Why would my GPS switch not turn on the device

My device not turning on despite charged

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My GPS will turn on when plugged into car socket. I cannot turn it on manually because the turn on button is not working. I want to update my GPS from my laptop . Got the connection I need, but, can't turn it on manually to be able to do this. Is it possible to get it fixed somewhere. My postal code in Canada is L7T 3Y4


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I have this problem with my 9400-LM if I have a backup camera connected. If the video cable is unplugged from the 9400, the unit will respond to the power button. The camera is supposed to be compatible with the 9400, but apparently it is not.

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my magellan 9020t is not turning on weel is spinning that's all inst. new batterie no result

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