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A splash-proof, portable Bluetooth speaker from JBL, released September 2015.

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My speaker wont turn on after a drop

is there anyway to fix the speaker it took a drop from a plastic JD bag after ripping i get home to find the charging lights at least dont work and the speaker wont turn on anymore. suspected battery failure or out of place chip. i use anker cables and the JBL power brick to charge the speaker i have tried everything to get it to turn on.

Although it was a bad idea i have started to disassemble the speaker to see if i can fix it my self i have only removed the screws and plastic covering the screws before i stopped though i realise that voids the warranty.

The speaker is a huge part of my day to day life since it was bought last December and is needed asap even if your only reply is 'get a new one' the comment is much appreciated thanks.

Also thoughts on the Bose sound link mini 2 and the JBL charge 2

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2 solutions

Honestly it's worth opening up and checking for anything obvious like a broken battery connection.. Especially if you don't have warranty, even then, if no one can tell you've opened it then whatever! :) Thats what I'd do.

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I have same problem.. what did you do? Is it working now?

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