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Released Quarter 2, 2014. Identifiable by Model Number: HBS-750.

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I dunked my headphones into a chlorine pool.

I was going swimming and I didn't know they were on my neck. They ARE sweat proof but I guess not this time. I tried turning them on after I got out, but they vibrated for about 3 minutes before turning off completely! What do I do?!

Update (07/23/2016)

Block Image

This is what they look like--thank you all in advance for your answers :)

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This dosent sound good for them. they need to be taken apart and cleaned by someone that knows how to clean a circuit board properly. even then it may be too late.

Why did they vibrate? is that something they are supposed to do?


You may be lucky. Dry them out completely but do not try turning them on till totally dry. what make and model are they please


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1/ They need to be taken apart, thoroughly brushed and rinsed with distilled water to dilute and disperse all the chlorine, then brushed and rinsed in a 99% isopropyl alcohol bath to displace the distilled water. This, you can do. Use a soft toothbrush for the brushing.

2/ If there are traces of corrosion and dullness, those solder joints should be reflowed. Badly damaged components may need replacement. This, however, must be trusted to someone with soldering or micro soldering skills.

After step 1, you could test and if your are lucky and they are working, you can skip step 2.

If they have a rechargeable battery, it could have died and may need replacement.

Finally, once opened, and depending on the type of sweat proofing they have, they may cease to be sweat proof anymore.

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