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Released: In December 2018 by Asus Pvt.Ltd

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Why does right click menu open when I press letters on keyboard?

Hi everyone! I have been suffering problems with my keyboard for some time now. When I press letters i, a, k, g and h, it opens the right click menu. It irritates me a lot because I could not type well. But when i type passwords, it does not open any right click menu. Only when i type on word, web address, and google search it appears. Is there any way to fix it?

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Sounds like a keyboard hardware problem me although you said it doesn't happen when you type password and that's strange.

Can you boot to Safe Mode and see if it does the same?

To boot to safe mode do this:

For WinXP, Vista, 7 keep tapping the "F8" key when you power up the computer.

For Win8, 8.1, 10 when logging in Windows normall press the "windows key" + "R", type "msconfig" and press enter, go to "Boot" tab, check the "Safe Mode" box at the bottom left of the window and restart your computer.

Do the same later and uncheck the box to boot to normall mode.

Let me know if it works in safe mode.

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It didn't work but I guess you're right. It maybe due to keyboard hardware problems. How do i fix issues like this?


Try using a USB keyboard, if it works fine with it then there definitely a problem with your internal keyboard.

You can try disconnecting and reconnecting the internal keyboard, that might fix the issue. In most laptops it's easy, search with your model for a guide here on ifixit or if you tell me your exact model number I'll find a guide for you.

If that doesn't work either you need to get your laptop’s internal keyboard replaced.


I use usb keyboard for now. It works perfectly well but i noticed that last time, there were some keys on the usb keyboard that when pressed opens the right click prompt too.

My laptop is asus x451ma.

Ugh do you think it will cost me a lot if i send my laptop for a keyboard repair?


The only key on a keyboard that should open the right click menu is this:

As for your laptop's repair, the spare part should cost about 25-35€ and the labor charge shouldn't be more that 20€ for this kind of repair in my opinion.


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Right click the mouse two times while pressing the letter H on the keyboard

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