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The Samsung Galaxy Tablet E 9.6 was announced June, 2015 and released on July 2015. When repairing this device, a few basic tools available from will be necessary. Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 is available as 8GB or 16 GB versions, expandable by micro SD. It was sold in two colors: Pearl White and Metallic Black.

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dropped broken screen how much to repair

How much to repair broken screen

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Hi Pauline,

I'm currently working on a guide for this tablet as a student project. I was able to find that replacement displays are available on eBay for around $40 with free shipping out of China. I've purchased plenty of parts over eBay from China and other places and I've never had any trouble. Go to eBay and search for LCD Screen Display For Samsung Galaxy Tab E 9.6 SM-T560 T560 T561. Be certain to verify this is correct though, as this was only preliminary research.

By the end of this week we (my student team and I) should have a battery replacement guide posted. This guide will, at the very least, serve to give you some insight into opening the tablet. From there you may have to be the first to write a display replacement guide for this tablet!

Good luck!

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Looking forward to the guide because I have problems with my tablet also.

Cheers. Pete


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