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A DVD player by Sony, released in 2002.

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How do I access the Disk Tray

I opened the DVD player now it has a cover that is covering the wheel mechanism that I need to repair. How do I get that cover off?

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The disc holder drawer was closed & unresponsive to open button and had captured the disc that happened to be in it when the player “broke.” There is a 2-inch slot in the metal case on underside of player below drawer. I inserted a narrow, thin , stiff piece of metal (e.g., a table knife) into this slot and slide it around and it released the disc holder. I happed to have case top off exposing innards including plastic disc holding mechanism and simply pushed drawer out into open position. With lid on, one would have to manually pull drawer open using sticky tape to pull or a thin object at edge of drawer face to pull it open. I was not able to actually see the mechanism locking the drawer & disc in the closed position.

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