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Other than the Tahoe Limited Edition, the vehicle was redesigned for the 2000 model year on the new GMT800 platform, still shared with the full-sized pickups and SUV's.

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Why is front A/C blowing hot air?

After filling my Yukon Denali with freon the back began to cool, but after enough freon the front continued to blow hot air. Can anyone help me with a solution for this problem? The compression works fine, I need cool air HELP

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the front a.c. has two air condition senors located under dash. one or both is bad . i had the same problem last month , took my gmc to a certified gmc dealer , cost me about $800.00 . now i have cold air on both sides of my vehicle. do not allow a shade tree mechanic to do the repairs, i tried that first. god blee and be safe out there. rev. carr, dadeville,al.

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