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Water Damage | No Display | Stuck in Recovery Mode

Hi Guys, I have a friend who drowned her iphone 6S! Not certain how long it was under but here are the conditions:

- No display

- The device is still recognized by iTunes

- Stuck in DFU mode.

I've tried the usual power and home button combinations but iTunes still prompting me to restore. I've also tried 'tiny umbrella' to attempt kicking it out of DFU but no luck there.

Is there any way to get it out of DFU so I can perhaps save the photos?

Would appreciate your input.


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I'm guessing that you didn't clean out the internals before powering the device on?

The simple answer to your question is that there probably isn't any way to save the device or recover any data at this point. If you would like to give it a shot, iFixit did a great video on water damage and it shows exactly what happens when you get your phone wet.

Chances are having the device powered on (please tell me no one plugged it in too?), fried the internals.

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Hey Josh, yes I cleaned the internals with alcohol as best I can with a brush and let dry but this device came to me after several attempts from the owner. With that I think the damage was already done.

Thanks for your link. I always consult Jessa Burdett's expertise but since it appeared to be in DFU I was a bit hopeful.

I don't currently have the resources to do a more through decontamination using ultrasonic means so it's gonna have to be replaced.


Jessa is the bomb!

I have a horrible record for repairing water damage and it always bums me out when people here post with it. There isn't any big trick unless you are willing to do surgery, and even then its a crapshoot.

Sorry man


You can still sell it for about 400 dollars though and get a brand new iPhone SE :)

par you can't


Why not? I thought a water damaged 6s can go for like 400$


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