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screen does not apear too be working

power on drive working but no screen display

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Hook it up to an external monitor to try to isolate the problem.

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Good start +


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I think the reason you are not getting many answers is because there are many many different kinds of screen problems. I am just a hack, no formal education, I have just had to maintain my own computer lab for a co-op homeschool for a few years and due to money concerns I have no choice but to repair the computers the kids break. I can give you some ways to get a better clue what the problem may be, because It could be many many things. Once you have a better idea you can ask for instructions on how to fix it.

The main ones are

*Backlight has broken. Generally if you look VERY close, or use a flash lite you can see something showing on the screen but extremely dark and bairly there. Generally if it is the backlight you will see something, but not always. But if you do see something it is definately a problem with the backlight

  • Screen has gone bad. Once you elliminate anything else this would most like likely be the cause.
  • Wires have gotten severed-Because the wires run up from the mother board next to the hinges to the screen, sometimes the wires will be cut with repeated use. I had this happen with an older acer. severed wires can cause problems with the backlight or the screen or both.
  • The video card is not working properly- If you hook it up to an external monitor and it is still not working, generally this is the problem. I say generally, because most computers require you to push some key to send the signal to the external monitor. I believe it is F6 on my Aspires(I have two) but I could be wrong. So make sure to try this before you assume it is the video card. And on rare cases it may be a setting issue.

* If you have changed the video settings lately this could be the cause, but generally people would know if that were the case, so it is rare. I mention it only because if you have kids in the house occassionally they will end up just hitting random buttons and cause random problems. In this case sometimes it is possible to go to bios and reset the settings. But again this is rare. Most times if it is a setting issues you will see the screen during start up, but then it will go out once you go to windows. But I assume you would have mentioned this.

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Or may be the reason is that this question is over 2 years old :-). Good answer on your part


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