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How to answer call?

I am unable to answer incoming calls on my Oneplus 3. I get a phone icon on my screen but nothing happens when I touch it. I can't use the power button or the home button to answer calls and swiping does nothing.

Is this an Android bug? Is there just some way to answer the Oneplus 3 that I don't know about?

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I cant find keys but can find buttons but there is no option to answer calls?


I want to answer my call with the home button on my OnePlus 3. But there is no answer call option in the buttons menu.

Please help


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I had the same problem on my 3T and have found the answer.

1. Press the Phone Icon

2. Press the 3 vertical dots in top right hand corner

3. Press settings

4. Press Call settings

5. Go down to "Receive incoming calls" and move the slider button to ON!

The manual doesn't seem to mention this feature but that cures the problem.

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It works. Thank you.


fantastic this works many thanks


Thanks Tony, that works. I wonder who thought it a good idea for a phone not to receive incoming calls by default?


Brill, thanks


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Hi Ness,

I'm not sure what a long term solution for that is, but you could try these steps for a temporary fix:

Go to SETTINGS then -> KEYS -> then under HOME KEY -> select to ANSWER CALL

Ideally in this scenario you can now press your home key to answer an incoming call.

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You do not need to play with the settings actually. Answering the phone is slightly different on the OnePlus.

You put your finger on the middle "blue" handset circle first and then swipe to the right , towards the small green handset to answer, or to the left towards the small red handset to reject.

I.e. it does not work like most other phones by simply swiping across the screen.

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in ur settings theres a pick up option to answer. im trying this cause i cant answer either.

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